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Wardrobe Edit


Well Organized Closet
Clothes Hanging on a Rack

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, yet you still say, "I've got nothing to wear"?

Together, we can create an organised wardrobe full of outfits that you will love.

Image by micheile henderson

A wardrobe edit is the perfect styling service if you would like to review and reorganise your wardrobe.


If you looked in your current wardrobe, would you see any of this: unworn clothes with tags still on; tired, over-worn items; clothes that you seem to avoid? We will work through your wardrobe together, deciding what to keep and what to let go of.  I will offer advice on how to best style your body shape and accessorise outfits for maximum impact. Creating new looks from existing pieces that you own, your wardrobe will be organised, easy to get dressed from and full of new outfit combinations that you love. 

Prior to the wardrobe edit, we will meet to discuss your style and body shape, so that I fully understand you and your style personality. I will then be able to arrange your wardrobe so that it is full of clothes that you love, feel fabulous in,  flatter your body shape and suit your lifestyle.

The wardrobe edit service will take 4 hours. 

Afterwards, I will send you a shopping list of the staple items that are missing from your wardrobe, which will enable you to create a range of looks that complement your unique style.

If you would like me to help you shop the gaps, we can arrange a personal shopping appointment or an online shop.

Wardrobe edits can be done in person or online. 

Benefits of a Wardrobe Edit

  • ​You will have a fully organised wardrobe that makes getting dressed in the morning an effortless experience.

  • You will have a wardrobe that contains clothes that flatter your body shape.

  • You will have clothes that reflect your style personality and who you are.

  • You will have new outfits that you never thought of putting together.

  • Make the most of the clothes in your wardrobe by styling outfits that save you time and money in the long run.

  • You will have less clothes but more outfits to wear.

  • You will be advised what key pieces you are missing.

  • You will learn styling tips for your body shape that gives you confidence when shopping new styles.


Wardrobe Edit £250

Extra hours charged at £60

Choosing Dress

I absolutely loved my wardrobe edit with Jo. I could have gone on for many more hours.  I now have fewer clothes, but many many more outfit choices and ideas.  After the session, I couldn't stop opening my wardrobe and marvelling at the level of order, simplicity and coordination. I genuinely look forward to getting ready in the morning now as choosing what to wear is so much easier and I feel so much more stylish, comfortable and confident.  The best part was turning some of my real old favourite, but super comfortable dresses that I always thought were a bit meh into stylish outfits that I can feel confident as well as comfortable in.  Shopping is now even easier as, with the colour analysis and now the body shape and style advice, I can know what is going to suit me rather than wasting hundreds of pounds and hours on items that sit in my wardrobe making me feel guilty and my wardrobe feel cluttered.

Verity, Sutton Coldfield

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