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Online Shopping

Struggle to find time to go clothes shopping? 

I can shop online for you and with a couple of clicks your items will land on your doorstep.

Clothing Products Packaging
Clothing Products Packaging

Virtual Shopping Service

Online shopping and styling is perfect if you don't have time to shop or can't meet with me in person.

Let me take the stress away from you and have outfits arrive at your front door.

I will shop online for you and create a number of personalised looks for your lifestyle and needs, and of course, to suit your body shape and style personality.

Prior to the online shop, I will send you a style questionnaire and body shape form to make sure I fully understand your style goals and needs.

Presentation boards will then be sent to you in outfits with links to each item. You can then click and buy and it will land on your doorstep ready for you to try.

Benefits of online shopping

  • No need to venture to the shops.

  • You can try on items in the comfort of your own home.

  • If you don't have time to go shopping, with just a click, it will land on your doorstep.

  • More variety of brands to shop.

  • Saves you time searching online.

  • If you have a favourite overseas brand, we can shop it.

1 Outfit - £60 (3 items) Ideal for events shopping

3 Outfits - £100 (5-6 items)

5 Outfits - £150 (10-12 items)

10 outfits - £250 (20-22 items)

15 Outfits - £300 (30-32 items)

Online Shopping
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