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Personal Shopping

Do you find clothes shopping overwhelming, or maybe never have time to shop? 

Do you feel like you never find the right clothes that make you feel stylish?

If this sounds like you, then I can help. Together, we will have an enjoyable shopping experience and find flattering outfits that you love and feel confident in.


Personal Shopping Service

My role as a personal stylist and shopper is to take all of the stress away and help you rediscover and enhance your style; I want to make shopping easy for you. The personal shop will be planned specifically for you, shopping at brands and shops that suit your style personality and budget.


During the personal shopping trip, I will discuss everything we try on and make styling recommendations that flatter your body shape.


Prior to the shop, we will meet to discuss your needs, body shape and your style personality. This will help me fully understand you, ensuring that we shop your most flattering shapes in styles that you will love.

On the day, I will have already pre-selected the first clothes store, along with items ready for you to try on and style when you get there.

A personal shop will take 4 hours and I will work with all of your favourite brands and shops from luxury brands to the high street stores.

This is a fabulous way of injecting fresh style into your wardrobe, as well as some gorgeous new clothes. You will come away with the knowledge and confidence of what suits you..

Benefits of Personal Shopping

  • It will help you discover clothes that flatter your body shape.

  • It gives you new knowledge on brands and shops that suit your style personality.

  • There will be no more buying unwanted items that you don't like and don't feel good in.

  • You will feel confident about your future clothing choices.

  • And you will come home with new clothes that will make you look and feel amazing.

Personal Shopping £250

Extra hours £60

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