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Colour Analysis

Feeling drab? Would you love to know what colours make you glow?

Discover your WOW colours, the ones that make you look younger, brighter and uplift you.


What you get.

A colour consultation analysis is a 2-3 hour service, that leaves you with the knowledge of which seasonal palette harmonises with your skin tone. I will show you 30 colours that you look fabulous in and which of those are your WOW colours, the colours that really make you look and feel amazing!

As part of the service, we will try makeup colours and discuss the best hair colours for you. You will leave the consultation knowing all the most flattering colours for your makeup to really make your feel your very best.

Benefits of Colour Analysis
  • Shopping will be quicker and easier. You will instantly know which colours will flatter you.

  • You will look younger and fresher in your seasonal palette.

  • Your skin will be clearer, eyes brighter and teeth whiter in the correct colours.

  • No more buying clothes that will leave you looking tired and drained.

  • Your confidence will increase knowing you are wearing colours that flatter you.

  • No more having the wrong hair colour.

  • Your face will be glowing from new makeup colours and newfound knowledge of exactly what makeup colours to shop for. 

Colour Analysis £150

Colour Fan £20

 I am still buzzing after having my colours done yesterday. Jo immediately made me feel at ease as she talked me through the process of how she would work out my 'season' with the various different coloured drapes. It was so interesting to see how the different colours complimented my natural skin tone and a really good way to learn which colours to avoid. I left armed with the knowledge that my colour palette was 'spring' which has just made a day of clothes shopping so much more enjoyable and gave me the confidence to try on things I normally would have avoided, and to find things that really suited me and made me feel great. 

Jo also talked to me about the best colour make-up for my skin tone and advised on lipsticks and eyeshadows.  I had fun and had a bit of a 'wow' moment trying on totally new shades of lipstick which looked amazing. 

I would recommend this service to everyone;  it's a lovely bit of self-care and 'me time' which you will continue to benefit from for years to come ! Thanks Jo 😊"
Catherine, Sutton Coldfield

Francesca, Sutton Coldfield

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